Artist's Statment

The process of making art, exploring and developing innate abilities, is a vehicle of self-discovery that evolves into one of self-expression. A paint brush, a camera or a mitre saw are not just tools I use , they become the portal to escape the outer world, allowing me to venture into the one within; finding a balance between the use of logic and imagination, a continual effort of integrating left and right brain functions. The concept of whole brain thinking is just one set of lenses I use to view the world , it imbues me with a child like fascination to embrace the mundane , fueling the process of my art.

Ghana’s rich tapestry of fabrics and motifs shaped my sense of aesthetics.It all began with my mom sewing matching clothing for all five family members using traditional fabrics and the skilled craftsmen I observed building our living room furniture in our yard were a few experiences that fueled my creativity. Mostly unsupervised my initial foray into building, to my dads dismay, destroyed most of his carpentry tools.

The constant pursuit of precision using miter saws, simultaneously painting with both hands and sculpting three dimensional fractals, are a few things that make my work unique.